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Black Magic can be used to harm or hurt another person by performing certain acts even at a far away place - the effect of this technique can be experienced thousands of miles away. With increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other's happiness & growth, the use of Black magic has become the most common way to take out one's vindictiveness and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world, totally unaware of the attacks made by no other than their closest friends, acquaintances and relatives. Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by Black magic.

Symptoms of Black Magic

Black magic puts a block on a person's wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.
At times, there could suddenly be blue marks on thighs without getting hurt, or faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing without any physical exertion. There are quarrels in the family without any reason. One might feel the presence of somebody in the house.

One feels one is not getting one's due and can achieve much more. One feels suffocated & restless in all circumstances, and is never at peace. One remains depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life.

Effects of Black Magic

Black Magic can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life may it be career/business or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence & happiness, cause inner turmoil, unrest & uncharacteristic/abnormal behavior and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances.The effects of Black Magic become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a horrible disease. It starts spreading like a contagious disease, affecting the person's mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life.

Breaking or Reversing Black Magic Spell

Putting a Black Magic Spell on someone is very easy for those knowing even a little bit of Tantrik siddhis/ voodoo. But to remove the spell and eliminate it's sinister effects needs lot of expertise, continuous & rigorous puja/worship and a combination Siddhis & Sadhna.


Yajna is the act of showing reverence to God or to aspects of Divine Power through invocations, prayers, songs, fire ritual, Mantra recitation, and offerings. It is the process of making offerings to the Deities thru' rigorous worship for their blessings for a happy, peaceful and prosperous life, or any other material or spiritual benefits that a person may desire.

An essential part of a Yajna for the devotee is making a spiritual connection with the Deity. When the connection is made, and the Deity is pleased with the worship and sentiment of the worshipper, one is showered with cosmic blessings and wish-fulfillment.

Yajna can only be performed only by an accomplished spiritual Pandit. It is most essential that the Yajna be performed strictly as per Vedic rites after following all prescribed & stringent rules, and with observance of all necessary precautions.

The Yajna will only benefit the person or family of the person who is paying for all expenses incurred on it, and on whose behalf the Yajna is being performed.

Various Yajnas

Yajnas can broadly be classified into 3 categories :

1. Yajnas for wish-fulfillment - To invoke cosmic powers for fulfillment of desires.

For wealth, prosperity & abundance of individual or family.
For invoking luck, good fortune & success in all ventures.
For success & growth in career/business, edge over competitors.
For good health & elimination of diseases.
For improvement of past & present karma and spiritual liberation.
For peace of ancestors & their blessings in all walks of life.
For love, relationship, marriage & finding suitable partner.
For increasing love, understanding & compatibility between partners.
For clearing of debts.
For success in litigation.
For being blessed with children.

2. Yajnas for Deities - To appease Deities and get their blessings.

Kali Yajna
Saraswati Yajna
Kuber Yajna
Mahalaxmi Yajna
Ganesh Yajna
Gayatri Yajna
BaglaMukhi Yajna
Mahamritanje Yajna

>3. Planetary Yajnas - To appease Planets and ward off their ill-effects.

Surya Yajna (for Sun)
Soma Yajna (for Moon)
Mangal Yajna (for Mars)
Budh Yajna (for Mercury)
Guru Yajna (for Jupiter)
Shukra Yajna (for Venus)
Shani Yajna (for Saturn)
Rahu Yajna (for Dragon's head)
Ketu Yajna (for Dragon's tail)

Most Powerful Spiritual Tantrik Items

Following are the Tantric items which can be very beneficial to today's man. What's more, they do not require any daily worship and give benefit only be keeping with oneself.

Hatha Jodi

Hatha Jori or Hatha Jodi, is a wonder of nature, in which two hands are joined together, as if in prayer. This is actually root of a very rare plant in the shape of folded hands. This, too, should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor'. Hatha Jori blesses the worshipper with wealth and good luck, guards against accidents and bad influences of any tantric effect. It also increases the attraction power of a person, since it has the powers of 'Vashikaran' or attraction.It is very useful in winning favours or winning trials etc.

Cat's Chord

When a cat gives birth to kittens, she eats her naval chord immediately, which is what makes this item extremely difficult to procure, but equally useful if preserved. Cat's Chord should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor' in one's office or shop in a cash box. Cat's Chord or Cat's Naval Chord or Billi Ke Jer, blesses a person with wealth, prosperity, acquisition and accumulation of money, increasing savings and building assets.It is also known as Billi Ke Zer or Billi Ke Jer or billi Ki Nal.

Parad Shivlingam

This is made of Mercury and Silver and is made by a person with very high spiritual power with many 'Siddhis' using immense power and spiritual energy. When kept in the Sun, it gives rainbow colors.

Dakshinwarti Shankh

This is a Sea-shell which opens towards the right hand, and is very rare with lot of spiritual significance, because Sea-shells which open towards the left hand are very common. Dakshinawarti Sankh is a rare one and is also known as Vishnu Shankh.This Sankh saves a person from all troubles and problems, removes hurdles and fulfills all desires and offers money and materials .

All above items are Siddha(Energised) and prices given below includes Shipping/Handling charges.Pl.ask for availability of the items.

Free Puja Manual to establish these amazing Tantric Products at your Home/Puja Room will be given.
Tantra Products
Chirami beeds Horse shoe Ganesh shankh Gaumukhi shankh Hanumani sindur
Moti Shanks Horseshoe kada Root Kali haldi Narmadeshwer Linga
Miss wetark Dak shankh Mis Ekakshi Nariyal Seven  

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